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Writing for a new medium.

The examples on this site are real, and most are taken from Australian government Web sites. Names and titles have been changed where necessary.

Why do we need Web writing guidelines?
Web writing vs print writing
The most important rules

Writing content for the Web
Know your Web readers
Cut out the bull
Use a consistent voice
Clarity and brevity
Using dates and time frames
Checking for errors

Structuring Web content
Scannability and readability
Counting words

What is metadata?
Metadata in content
Metadata in headings
Metadata for searches

Writing with hypertext
Placing hyperlinks in content
Formatting hyperlinks

Writing Techniques
Planning your writing
Active vs passive sentences
Breaking long sentences
Syllables and rythm
Choosing words
Using headings
Write in your Web readers framework
It's written - now what?

FAQs: using the initialism
FAQ organisation and structure
Writing FAQ questions
Answering FAQ questions
The last FAQ question

Gender-Neutral Language
Writing gender-neutral language
Revising gender-specific language

Repurposing Content
Repurposing print documents for the Web
Repurposing for the Web: middle ground

Grammar, Punctuation, and Word Usage
Using abbreviations
Using capitalisation
Using punctuation
Using grammar
Using the right word
Using Web and Internet words

Counting Web words in Microsoft Word
Using MS Word readability statistics
Australian spell checking in Microsoft Word
Using MS Word's AutoCorrect facility
Using MS Word's custom dictionaries
Jargon busting resources
Dictionaries, thesauri, and usage resources
Plain English alternatives for jargon words