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Metadata in Web Content

Content metadata will often decide whether or not our page is actually read.

Web readers tend to scan pages and decide in a few seconds if this is the information they need. If it isn't - or doesn't seem to be - they'll look somewhere else.

Metadata needs to be used clearly, and early in the page. Concentrate metadata in:

Compare the following two examples:

Example 1
Youth Worx

Through the Generic Training Authority, the Australian government aims to work with industry, training organisations, community organisations and communities to create more and better jobs, and to continue skilling and upskilling Australia's workforce.

To achieve this, the Authority makes available funding to eligible organisations and individuals across the country for the development of Youth Training Programmes.

Example 2
Youth Training Programmes

Youth Training Programmes are developed by organisations and individuals funded through the Generic Training Authority.

Use page-specific information first, and use the inverted pyramid style for content structure.

If you really must include a blurb about your organisation, place it near the end of the page.

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