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Metadata In Web Headings

It doesn't matter how great the body content is, if the headings aren't relevant to the content - and don't include the key words people are searching for - the chances are that the page will never be read.

  • Keep headings to a maximum of 4 - 8 words.
  • Use the key word or words from the following text.
  • Be clear and precise.
  • Don't try to be witty.

For example:

Youth Worx

Clever. Or not. What does it mean?


Youth Training Programmes

Say what you mean and include key words (no-one cares if we're 'cool' :)

First Heading

The first heading on the page is the most important. If the first heading doesn't include key words, most readers won't even scan the rest of the page.

Make sure the first heading:

  • includes the most important key words, and
  • clearly states the purpose of the page.

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