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Using Web and Internet Words

Q.When I want to describe a pop-up window from a Web browser, is it popup, pop-up, or pop up?
A. It's pop-up. The word pop-up has been around for a while, the others are simply common misspellings.


  • The children's book includes pop-up illustrations.
  • Pop-up windows are the most annoying things on the Web.

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Q.Do I use web site, Web site, website, or web page?
A. Unless specified otherwise in your style guide, use Web site (i.e. a site on the World Wide Web) - although all primary English language style references agree that website is coming into common usage.

It's worth noting, though, that the word website can cause a lot of conflict. Using the word site is more acceptable to purists than web site or website.

Don't use web page. A site is a collection of pages.


  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics' site will provide the information.

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Q.Is emails the plural form of email?
A. No. Email is both singular and plural, the same as mail. If the word sounds awkward in a sentence, try using email messages instead.


  • I sent her an email this morning.
  • We got a lot of email about that issue.

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