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Writing Content for the Web

Just as for print writing, writing for the Web is about connecting with readers and making our message clear.

That's it. There aren't any shortcuts. There aren't any trade secrets, and there's no software that will do it for us. Writing for the Web is hard work, it takes time and commitment.

Accept it. Deal with it. Move on.

Subject Matter Experts

We can't rely on subject matter experts to write our content for us. They're experts because they're good at what they do, not because they can write.

Subject matter experts tend to:

  • write in academic, legalistic prose,
  • use the pyramid information structure,
  • address their peers and colleagues (that is, people who already understand what they're writing about),
  • use jargon that's so ingrained they don't even realise it is jargon,
  • be trained to communicate by throwing as many words as they can at a subject, not as few as possible.

Look at that list - we can title it: 'How not to write for the Web'.

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