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Use a Consistent Voice for Web Writing

Use a consistent 'voice'. The more consistent the voice - and the more it speaks to our intended readers - the more readers will recognise and become familiar with it.

The more familiar the voice, the more effective it will be.

The voice of our writing conveys our attitude towards our readers. Don't confuse business-like with bureaucratic, the first sounds professional, the second sounds like contempt.

The way we write is just as important as what we write. On the Web we need a casual voice. Read the piece aloud, if it doesn't sound like a conversation, edit it until it does.

Keep The Voice Positive

Keep the message positive, rather than negative. Remember, it takes the average person 48% longer to understand a negative sentence than to understand a positive sentence.

(Dr Herbert H. Clark, Professor of Psychology, Standford University. The power of positive speaking: It takes longer to understand no. Psychology Today, September 1974.)

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