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Writing With Hypertext

Hypertext is a new element in writing. Hyperlinks change the look and feel of content, and they introduce pathways that we didn't have to consider with print material.

Links also change the 'sound' of content, emphasising words that wouldn't necessarily have been emphasised in printed publications.

Because anchor text is generally coloured and can be underlined, users are forced out of the reading flow to think about the link and decide whether or not to follow it.

Write In Context

Write in context, even where the text includes links. The hyperlink itself will jolt the reader from the flow, don't make that worse by including text such as go to or click here.

Compare the following examples:

Example 1
Click here to download an application for the New Job Subsidy from this site, or ask for an application form from your employer.

Example 2
You can download an application for the New Job Subsidy, or ask your employer for an application form.

If the link can't be included in the text for some reason, try one of the following alternatives to click here or go to (for example):

  • See our New Job Subsidy page for more information.
  • Visit our New Job Subsidy page for more information.
  • Our New Job Subsidy page has more information.

Link text doesn't have to reflect the target page title, or any of its headings - it's a link to information, not an entry in a table of contents.

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